What type of data will we collect?

Meilan will collect below data through the mobile APP, WEB and devices; Pls find such as below points:

1. User's personal information: such as name, mailbox, weight, height, gender, date of birth, etc;

2. User's exercise data, position, trajectory and physical fitness index;

3. When sharing with the third-party social media, users may be required to provide a third-party login account and password for authorization;

4. our application will use cookies and other technologies to enhance the product experience;

Purpose of collecting the data

We do this to realize our target that when users use the series of Meilan devices, they can obtain more comprehensive data and more accurate value from their exercise; In the meantime,sports data of the same user can be perfectly compatible with the Trinity of the device, APP and WEB;

Safety and low regulations

Meilan highly values the User’s privacy; All our clietns can use only our devices without uploading data to APP and WEB for any worry;

In practice, APP & equipment data and training guidance methods are for reference only, please pay attention to protect your personal and property safety from infringement;

Please follow the relevant local laws and regulations when using Meilan devices in different countries or regions; if you have any questions, welcome write to Meilan at Service@meilankj.com;